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Having a backup is crucial for several reasons. It safeguards your data against accidental deletion, hardware failures and/or other unforeseen events. But nowadays you also need backups to protect against data loss due to cyber threats, such as ransomware, hacking or malicious intent. A reliable, well designed and tested backup is a crucial part of your Business Continuity Plan.

But is your backup & recovery solution capable of meeting your requirements? Is it well maintained and are all the latest security hardening features actually in place? With our Recovery & Security scan we will perform a health check on your environment on three important aspects: continuity, reliability, and security.

A disaster can come in many forms, and you have to prepare for the worst. Recovering from a hardware failure is completely different compared to recovering from an effective ransomware attack. You need to address the different disasters and recovery scenarios in your plans, processes and tools.
Security threats are evolving. New exploits, new ways to get in or new ways to stop you from accessing your data. That’s why Commvault is adding new security features to further secure your backup & recovery environment. But you will have to enable, and configure new features for them to be effective.
Periodic maintenance of all components in your backup & recovery solution is very important and your first step in securing your environment. From the firmware all the way up to your backup & recovery software. This is a continuous process which needs to be monitored to prevent blind spots.

Recovery & Security scan?

Our experts will perform a Recovery & Security scan on your backup & recovery environment. Focusing on the continuity of your business, the ability to recover from the different types of disasters and of course the security of your backup & recovery stack.

Do you want to know more about our data management solutions and our security solutions, click the links or contact us for more information.

Do you want to know more?

My name is Bart Speller, account manager at SJ-Solutions. I would be happy to tell you more about the solutions we can provide in the field of data management & security and how they could help you protect your business. Leave your details below and I will contact you. Would you prefer to speak to me directly? Call me on +31 (0) 33 433 34 73 or send an email to


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